SA Scrap Metal Adelaide buys a range of Aluminium scrap metals such as cast Aluminium, domestic Aluminium, and casting Aluminium. You may have scrap Aluminium metals. There are a rage of different types of scrap Aluminiums.
Cast Aluminium is a type of Aluminium that has gone through a cycle of casting like mold casting. It is a solid type of Aluminium. We also buy cast Aluminiums so feel free to contact us to get more information and find out how much we will pay for it.
Dirty Aluminium which is also sometimes called irony Aluminium has plastic, rubber or steel attached to it. Because of other materials attached to it, the actual value of the Aluminium is less than other types depending on how much dirt are attached to it.
We usually buy the following types of Aluminium:
  • Aluminium Cans
  • Aluminium Copper Rads
  • Aluminium Cast
  • Aluminium Extrusion
  • Aluminium Domestic
  • Irony Extrusion (max 10% contamination)
  • Aluminium Cuttings
  • Aluminium Wheels
  • Aluminium Wire
Mag Wheels
Mag wheels are wheels of vehicles made from an alloy of both magnesium and aluminium. They offer better strength for the car wheels.
Scrap Metal Adelaide Australia also buys scrap mag wheels at a competitive price.
If you have an aluminium metal and you are not sure it is worth of anything, you can give us a call and let us know. We try to offer you the best price for the Aluminium scrap.
The Aluminium extrusion has no glass, plastic or any other thing attached to it and is not irony. Therefore, if you have any scrap metals, it is a good idea to make sure you separate the Aluminium from other dirt and plastic as much as you can.
We are one of the number one buyers of scarp metals in South Australia.