Scrap Cars

The Ideal Place to Sell Your Scrap Cars in Adelaide

Your car may have been scrapped due to being in an accident or it just has a faulty engine or other issues. Scrap cars take unnecessary space at your home or garage. In some cases, it may not be easy to get rid of your scrap car. Here is when you can sell your scrap car to Adelaide Scrap Metal and get some cash in return.
We buy all sorts of scrap cars regardless of their manufacturer, model or type. It can be a Sedan, SUV, Ute, or 4×4 type that has been scrapped. We mainly look for the metal compartments of the car and we will take this scrap car out of your hands. If you want to take this burden out of your driveway and keep the area clean and ready for other purposes, now is the time for you to reach out to us.

Our Objective: The Best Place to Sell Your Scrap Cars in Adelaide

We try our best to pay the best possible price for your scrap car. When you bring your car to us, we will do a careful evaluation and offer you a price at a competitive rate.
Our team members have good experience in the buying and recycling process of the scrap cars. As the images on our website shows, we have purchased many scrap cars from different individuals.
When you bring your scrap car to us, we will give you a free quote after evaluating the vehicle. We try to offer the best reasonable price for the car. In case you agreed with our quote, we will buy it and take it off your hand. You can also count on us for the process to be quick!

Why Choose SA Scrap Metal?

SA Scrap Metal is the right place to sell your scrap cars in Adelaide. We don’t discriminate between the poor and the rich and ensure that you get the right price for your scrap vehicle, regardless of its condition. Everything about us and our services is prominent, and we make sure that we leave no inch to satisfy you, even if your car has become scrap.
Further, to better understand our worth, consider going through the following:
  • We are a team of competent professionals to provide you with the best scrap car removal experience in real time.
  • We can offer you the most cash for your scrap vehicle, regardless of its condition.
  • We are quick and efficient with our car removal process and can set you free in no time.
  • We work with your convenience in mind, which means that we will primarily take your preferred time into account and, accordingly, make a move.
  • We offer same-day car removal while providing you with the promised cash on the spot.
  • Our services are eco-friendly, which ensures complete environmental safety.

Get in Touch Without Any Further Delay!

Contact us today to get a free quote for your scrap vehicle. We are located in Smithfield, SA and buy scrap cars from all over the Adelaide region. You can contact us either by calling our number at 0404 834 451 or send us an email at
We are one of the number one buyers of scrap metals in South Australia.