The Best Scrap Metal Buyer in Adelaide

At SA Scrap Metal, we aim to offer best prices for the scrap metals including steel scraps. Our yard is located in Smithfield, SA. However, we buy scrap metals from any business or industrial units in the Adelaide region.
The three types of steel scraps can be found in our yard. Including Heavy Steel, HMS (Heavy Melting Steel) and Baling steel. The HMS usually contains blackened and galvanised steels.
If you have any stainless steel for sale, please feel free to contact us to get more information and see the steel scrap price in Adelaide we may pay to buy the steel from you.

How do we work at SA Scrap Metal?

We usually buy the following types of Steel Scraps:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel Turnings
  • Stainless Steel Irony (min 40% SS)
Stainless steels can also be clean or dirty. The clean ones usually have more value than the irony steel.
Dirty stainless steels are also called irony steels. The value of dirty steels is sometimes up to 50% less than the clean ones. For example, old kitchen sinks are dirty stainless steels.
The clean stainless steels do not contain any dirt such as wood, plastic or any other extra metals attached to them. If you have some clean scrap stainless steels, you may be thinking about selling them to us.

We Pay the Right Price for Irony & Clean Stainless Steel

SA Scrap Metal is one of the greatest stainless steel recycling names you can invest in. We acquire a variety of stainless steel scrap metal and pay the owners cash on the spot. If you are unclear whether your scrap metal is worth anything, please read the definitions below or contact us for additional information.

Clean Stainless Steel:

It does make sense to subject clean stainless steel to metal recycling because of its high market value. In contrast to Irony Stainless Steel there should be no paper, plastic, wood, or other metals in clean stainless steel. Thus we pay a fairly high steel scrap price in Adelaide when it comes to paying for clean stainless steel.
Irony Stainless Steel:
Another term for (dirty) stainless steel is irony stainless steel. Used dishwashers and ancient kitchen sinks with degraded protective linings are examples of this sort of Stainless Steel. Ironically, the market value of dirty stainless steel is 50% to 90% lower than that of clean stainless steel.
Get in touch with us for more details
Please feel free to contact us to get more information about the type of stainless steels that we buy and get a free quote for any steel scraps you may have for sale. You can reach us by calling us at 0404 834 451 or sending us an email at We are one of the number one buyers of scrap metals in South Australia.