Your Favourite Scrap Copper Buyers in Adelaidel

With years of experience, SA Scrap Metal is second to none when it comes to buying scrap copper in Adelaide. With highly knowledgeable experts who have years of experience in scrap metal buying, we would buy scrap coppers, paying you the price that you rightfully deserve, right on the spot. This makes the best scrap copper buyers in Adelaide.
Among different types of scrap metals, copper is one of the most expensive ones. It is more valuable than brass or aluminium. If you happen to have any copper materials that are scrap, you can contact us to get more information about it.
Copper scrap can be found in different types. The copper #1 which is the best type has no other thing attached to it and nothing is welded to it. The copper #1 is also sometimes called bright copper.
The Copper #2 which is also named burnt copper has some joints welded to it. The burnt copper has extra materials attached to it. There is also irony copper that has dirt including paper or plastic attached. It has less value due to this extra attachment.

What Types of Buyers Do We Buy?

We usually buy the following types of copper:
  • Milberry – Bright Shiny Wire
  • Bright Copper – No.1
  • Domestic Copper
  • Low Grade PVC (min 40% Cu) – Looms
  • High Grade PVC (min 60% Cu)
  • Electric Motors
  • Mixed Refrigerant Compressors
  • Starter Motors and Alternators
  • Gunmetal Solids
  • Gunmetal Swarf
Whatever type of copper we purchase, we pay the best scrap copper price in Adelaide that you rightfully deserve, thus turning out to be the best scrap copper buyers to put stakes in.

How things work at SA Scrap Metal?

We will arrive at your address upon being summoned well equipped. We will pick up all of your unwanted scrap copper, and we pay you top price right away.
So worry not, if you’re having trouble seeing off your scrap copper. Simply give us a call and we’ll organise a collection, most likely the same day. We also acquire unwanted vehicles. Thus, if you have an old used automobile that you no longer use and is taking up space in your garage, contact us. We pay the most money in the business for your automobile.

Whom do we serve?

Hundreds of satisfied clients around South Australia (car removal clients, Factory and farm cleanout Customers, manufacturing companies, and so on).
We are licensed and fully insured, and we provide prompt, dependable, effective, and efficient service. We provide same-day service and pay the finest scrap copper price in Adelaide.
Get in touch with us at the earliest
Call us at 0404 834 451 to book our service. Alternatively, you can also write to us at to know more about us.