Scrap Metal
How to Extract the Best Cash Out of Scrap Metal?

Every household has things that are no longer needed. They are no longer needed and are termed ‘scrap’. While old linen and clothes are generally donated, the old and outdated furniture and electronics are sold as scrap. The same can be said about the old metals.

When they include broken appliances or pipes, metallic machines or machine parts and other spare parts and components, they can be sold as scrap metals and there is a certain amount of price that they carry at any point in time. If you have scrap metals at your property and if you are looking forward to selling them off, it is your responsibility as the stakeholder to extract the maximum price out of them.

On this page, we discuss the ways you can get the best cash for scrap metal in Adelaide.

Know the Metals Before Anything Else

The first step that you take is recognising the types of scrap metals you have and their relative values. This is the first step towards optimising the amount of cash your scrap metal would get you. A number of scrap yards will accept a wide range of commodities including various metals. Nevertheless, there are certain metals that have significantly higher value in the market than some others. Non-ferrous metals generally would fetch you a higher price than their ferrous counterparts. However, both ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be accepted by these businesses. Some of the most common metals include:


Copper is reddish in appearance and is considered a very high-value non-ferrous metal, which comes with corrosion-resistant properties. This metal is widely found in wiring, plumbing, as well as other industrial applications of different kinds.


Brass comes with a yellowish flavour and is considered an extremely lucrative metal, which is widely used in faucets, plumbing and the likes.


It is generally found in gutters and washers, dryers and even considered an extremely important metal used in the automobile industry. Thus, it goes without saying that while you sell your scrap cars in Adelaide, a sizable proportion of the price is contributed by the presence of aluminium. Though the metal itself is not that highly valued, the fact that it is recyclable helps the metal to fetch a good amount.

How to Make the Most Out of the Scrap Metals

Now if you are looking forward to making the most out of the scrap metals, you need to follow the tips discussed below:

Take the Time to to Sort Out the Scrap Items

As different metals have different values, it is imperative that you devote some time to sort them diligently, depending on their types. When you do this, it makes the life of the professionals offering scrap metal removal services trifle easier.

Non-ferrous metals are not affected by magnets. Thus, the easier way to separate ferrous metals from non-ferrous metals is to run a magnet on them. While the ferrous metals will stick to the magnet, their non-ferrous counterparts will be left behind.

Once you are done, call SA Scrap Metal. We will pay you the best price for your scrap metal.